Wednesday, April 7, 2010

shop talk wednesday: happy birthday!

Today is a very special shop talk, with today being Little Pinwheel's first birthday!! There is a party going on and if you are a subscriber of the newsletter you would already know what presents you have the chance to receive for shopping this month at Little Pinwheel. If you are not a subscriber, then pop on over to the website, sign up to the newsletter, buy any new item from the winter ranges and you have the chance to win some fabulous presents from two lovely labels, Three Little Trees and Polka. You can also receive a present from Little Pinwheel! You will also receive 15% off storewide this month if you use the coupon code: LPWparty. A great month for a party!

In the latest newsletter I shared some of my favourite items this season and they were my favourites due to their versatility, their quality and styling options. I have created a few looks that I am loving this winter!

I loved when Keely was a little baby and I could put bloomers on her and layer them. They are a great piece to have for your little baby girl. They can be worn in winter and in summer. I am just sad that Rittenhouse did not create a boys bloomer for winter, like they did for summer!

Baby boys can still have some fun and bright looks. I am a big fan of comfort on Taj as he moves around so much, jumping, climbing and pretty much getting into everything. I love how free he can move in a pair of trackies and any pants that have an elastic waist. I love onesies on a baby through to a 24 month old. I find it comforting to know that in winter Taj will not get a cold back as there is no chance of the suit riding up. The other staple I love having for little people is a black tee shirt and find that it is just as versatile for them as it is for us. You can layer it with colour if you would like to brighten their outfits. The best thing is that a girl or a boy can wear black.

I find it quite easy to create outfits for my daughter, but in saying this she is dressing herself a lot more lately. I am enjoying the creations she is coming up with! I loved the fact she put her knitted happiness pants on with her monoscope dress the other day. It showed me that you really do not need to layer dresses with tights, you can also layer them with the right pants. This really gives these pants a real versatility with their outfits this winter. They can be worn on their own or with dresses and skirts.

I am very much a denim girl. This is all I wear in winter and I must admit the last few days I have been slipping my denim jeans back on. I find them comfortable, easy to wear and everything goes with them. I pretty much have every colour blue and a few black pairs. I love denim on children and think that they too can create great looks with a wardrobe staple. I am loving the fluffy vest! I pretty much love all of Sudo's range for the girls.... oh how I wish I could grow it all to fit me!

When it comes to the boys, nothing goes past the zip thru hoodie. There are so many different looks from all the brands Little Pinwheel stocks this season. They can go a bit more loud and fun with Tiny Mammoth and their all over cloud print or with Cried Wolf and the wave print. Tiny Mammoth is known for their quirky and fun prints and they are also known for their warm fluffy fleece jumpers they design for winter. The plain colour zip thrus are great too as they can be worn with anything and this Sudo hoodie is nice and thick and will not only keep him looking mainstream, but warm too!

Thank you for stopping by today for the birthday shop talk! Happy Birthday Little Pinwheel! I know today I will be having a cake with Taj by the beach. I won't make one this week, I will buy one for Taj and I as Keely is away and to be honest it wouldn't be the same without her. She is such a big part of Little Pinwheel and it would not feel right to bake a cake without her.

Today I also celebrate my mum's birthday, she would have been 62 today. Happy Birthday Mumso! xoxo


  1. happy birthday to your mum and to your shop hayley! xx

  2. Happy Birthday to my favorite sites and your lovely Mom! :)



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