Friday, July 1, 2011

rock the school holidays!

It is school holidays! I say those words with a whole lot of joy. No more packing school lunches, and running to a schedule for drop offs and pick ups. It is all about holiday fun. And we have survived the first half of the school year!

These holidays Keely is staying at home with me. We are going to just be. Mother and daughter having time together.

Play with friends.

Have giggles.

Be silly.

And we will be moving to a whole new home.

What are you doing with your little people?

Happy holidays!

1 comment:

  1. sweet...yes we have some few weeks ago until our summer break, but then we will enjoy summer, will swim, will walk in the alpes...dream in the grass...breathe the air, play silly games and have just the wonderful possibility to feel our life...the best what could happen, or?...have a wonderful holiday time with your kiddos and so much are still in my heart, dear Hayley...a lovley weekend...cheers and hugs...i...



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