Wednesday, July 20, 2011

tie the knot in your own jammies

There were three in the bed, and the mumma one said, 'move over, move over.' So they both moved over, and one fell out and bumped their head, and gave a shout. Please remember to tie a knot in your pyjamas. Now there were two in the bed....

There were three in my bed last night. I was squished on the edge. They are little people; I do not understand how I can still be that bear that falls out of the bed.

I have no issue with my little people jumping into bed with me during the night. I kind of like the cuddles. But when I get both at the same time, it makes for an interesting night sleep. A pounding chest, moments of hot, cold, hot, cold and the two little people kicking me was not a great mix.

Do you have your little people tap you on the shoulder in the middle of the night. Do you march them out, or lift up the blanket and snuggle?

{The images are from today. Taj and I went and checked out the big surf, before picking up Keely from school. Such a great backyard we have}


  1. I'm a single Mum of 2 boys and have a double bed. I have been wondering lately if I need a queen size - just so there's room for the boys. It's the younger one, my 7 year old, who usually ends up in bed with me - and yes, I still end up on the edge while he either spreads out or curls in a tiny ball right in the middle of the bed!

  2. Puddleduck has her own pillow in our bed. If only she slept on it and not mine!

  3. My eldest (she's 3) has just started coming in to our bed and secretly we love it.. although we're thinking we probably should be sending her back to her bed or we'll be paying for it later. Oh well, lucky we just bought a king size :)

  4. Who could resists to snuggle?, not...our little one have mostly a good sleep in the night, but i love the mornings with her in our bed...its the best beginning to start the day...with the ones you love...;), and i love your "shoe shot" cute...hope that you have a lovley and mabye a little bit sunny week...a big hug, my dear...cheers...i...

  5. I have 4 and 7 yr olds who regularly come into our bed. When it gets too squishy I bail and go and hop into one of their beds, actually no, it's Husbandos who usually bails and gets into one of their beds and I stay in the bed, hanging onto the edge so that I don't fall out. It's my fault, I bought a wool mattress pad that has made our bed divine to sleep in. Think I might pop out and buy one for each of the kidlets to make their beds as inviting as ours. Wonders if it will still feel snuggly with a waterproof sheet over the top... I will give nearly ANYTHING for an uninterrupted night's sleep.

  6. where did you get his outfit?! love love! oh and i see he's still 'rocking' long hair! love that too!



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