Monday, July 25, 2011

frank sinatra told me so; it will happen

In six weeks I am jetting off to the west coast, to work, to chill, to drive, and to have the best 2 weeks rockin' it my way.

If you have any tips, any towns I must stop at, tell me now. It is time to start putting them into my travel journal. My simple plan is to fly into LA. Maybe hire a car from the airport, go south a little. (This is only a maybe as I could easily catch a cab into Santa Monica for a night, and then hire a car). I am going to train a lot, cruise on my skateboard, (yes it is coming), and pick my ace friend up from LAX a week later. Make our way up the coast on highway one. Stay in Santa Cruz. Hang in San Francisco. And run a half marathon 2 days before I fly home.

I am a person that loves to fit in like a local. So tell me, if you are from the US, or if you have experienced the US, where you think I would rock it. I am no tourist. So please don't suggest Disneyland. Although, I could see myself hanging out with Mickey Mouse and his friends. This trip is giving myself a pat on the back for everything I have been through in the past 5 years. This is something I need.

Tell me everything; where to eat, where to have coffee, (this one very important. I can do my research, but always nice to hear from other coffee lovers; snobs), and I do not need help with the shopping part, this one I will rock.

The images above are from my trip to Pulp Creative Paper over the weekend. The Bon Voyage travel journal by Susui Ghahremani is sweet, and cool. This is a book I will have forever, and one that I know Keely will love to have a look through when I come home. This is my gift to my little people. I think it is nice for them to see what their mum has been up to. Thank goodness for Skype, and for my new laptop.

Yes, the other book. I know, this might offend some, but I believe if you come here to read my blog, and other blogs, you will get it. You will find the funny side. I thought it was ace, and it gave me a giggle. I will still be blogging while I am rockin' the west coast. And the 'beep you and your blog' book is my backup writing space.

Frank tells me, it will happen in Monterey. Where else will it happen.


  1. OH ow exciting for you Hayley!!! good on you, hope you have a magical awesome time xoxo

  2. You go girl!!! sounds like an amazing time will be had. Sorry haven't been on a trip to the USA so no good on places to go etc....E N J O Y XO

  3. Looking forward to you traveling blog posts Hayley. Never been to that part of the US - but I've always found Lonely Planet books useful - have a fab time x

  4. So exciting! My brother recently drove from LA to New York so i will ask him if he has any tips.. i do know he love San Fran. {love the books!} x

  5. Hayley... awesome.. is all I can say! I feel excited for you.. you will so rock the West Coast for sure. Looking forward to reading about your journey!

  6. oh, this sounds so exciting, my dear...;)...its long time ago when i was on the US, especially in SF...but it was one of my best trips in i wish you a wonderful and magical time with much exciting and delightful moments...take care...and i´m looking forward to your little stories...a big hug...cheers...i...

  7. Oh i'm so excited for you! I went to the US last year and loved it. I can't wait to go back next year.
    I really loved San Diego. It's not too far from LA (about 2 and a half hours) and it's a lovely mix of old and new school. Balboa Park is full of museums, the zoo and beautiful parklands. Old Town has a very Spanishy feel and if you have time, head over to Coronado to look at the amazing houses!
    My favourite in San Francisco was visiting Chronicle Books Publishing (they published both of your new journals!) But also the cable cars and Haight Ashbury.
    Good luck Hayley! I can't wait to see what you get up to!

  8. Yay! I lived in Santa Cruz for a year and it's nuts...I haven't been there in a LONG TIME, so some of this info may be out of date, but I used to like a drink at a bar called the Silver Bullet. I was at college so it's probably a bit of a college dive, but may be OK...And the old rollercaoster down by the water is ace. Hire a longbaord and go for a surf at Cowel's beach and watch the macho blokes go surfing at steamers lane which is near the surfing museum. they also temd to get some pretty amazing bands play at SC as well - there may be some good people to go and see play.

    San Fran is tops. Get the BART to the Mission area for great burritos. And the coffee at Bluebottle aint too bad...there are a few around the place (there is one in the big ferry terminal). Get the BART out to Berkley too. It's a really nice place to stroll and take everything in. the Haight Ashbury area is a bit crap, but I guess you have to see it if you are there. MOMA is amazing.

    IN LA, if you do have any time, got to The Getty. the view over LA is great and the architecture is pretty amazing. Their MOCA downtown is awesome - small but fab collection. Also has the super-duper Frank Ghery disey hall across the road from it which is a seriulsy freaky building. I actually like to get a bus when I'm in one seems to do it appart from "real" people. And walk in LA too - no one does that either and they think it's a real hoot if you go somewhere by foot that may take about 20 minutes. Have a drink at the Chateau Marmont. It's so beautiful and not as "sceney" as I thought it would be.

    Ah, you will have a ball. And they love Australians. LOVE 'EM!

  9. i just happened upon this post! thank you so much for getting my travel journal & making such lovely use of it!



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