Tuesday, July 5, 2011

catch me if you can!

I am running away. I have decided it is time to give myself a break from blogging. After today I am stuffed. Packing up a home is overrated. I don't even think it was ever rated, and I do not believe I could ever understand anyone who enjoys it. Actually in saying that, I do enjoy the part where you get rid of the things you truly do not need.

Today Keely and I had a day mostly at home. She has been amazing, and a huge help. Everything is in boxes, except the essentials, and the final bits and pieces that will go in the box labeled, "shit box." I think I too will curl up and hop in that box.

I had coffee, and a sweetie treat of awesome chocolate buttons on the side. I clearly looked like I needed a bit more than a coffee.

Tomorrow is all about Little Pinwheel work. The little people are off for a day with their daddy. Then Thursday is the day the big truck comes with 3 men.

I look forward to sharing my new home to you all. {An awesome fresh start, and a new life for me, and my little people}!


  1. packing is the worse but so excited for the new journey to begin. When you are settled we'll celebrate a new beginning with coffee for sure! x

  2. big hugs to you my lovely friend ♥

  3. Having just moved myself I know all too well how stressful a move is. Only last weekend (after 2 months) I finally unpacked the last box.
    It will all be worth it in the end. Sounds like you are starting a new happy chapter. Keep faith :-)

  4. oh, my dear...this sounds so exciting...with mabye some tears in your eye,but i´m sure that your new home will be so cozy and full of new wonderful moments with your love ones...wish you a good move and much more...take care and i´m looking forward to see your new home...a big hug...cheers...i...

  5. Enjoy your blogging break, can't wait to see some pics of your new home xo



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