Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Keely has style

Yesterday Keely and I rocked the movies. Keely more so than myself.

She received nothing but compliments all day over her getup. I asked her to choose something special to wear.

The movies were a treat for me when I was a child, and even as a young adult, mum and I would still put on our sunday best to go to the movies.

Today is short and sweet. I have about 6 hours of allocated working time, and right now I have two little people to hang out with, have coffee with, and maybe a waffle. Who am I kidding, there will be a waffle eaten.

Still a little chaotic here, but you will soon see why.... there is a lady coming.


  1. What an awesome outfit...Keely has amazing style xo

  2. oh, so, like her mum...a big fashion talent...;)...i hope that you did already settled a little bit in your new home...with big cupboards for cool girls stuff...;)...a big hug and take care...cheers...i...



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