Monday, July 4, 2011

I have glass slippers

I hit the shops to find those glass slippers; my first pair of high heels. I took along my fashionista for some advice and help.

We walked the streets in our salts.

Keely modeled.

We went to two shopping malls; I survived......just.

Glass slippers were tried on.

Keely chose her favourites.

I thought there was no place like home.

And I went home with a classic pair of heels. I can see myself as a little girl stealing shoes from my mum's wardrobe to play dress-ups in, and these would of been them.

They are very me; converse with a heel, sexy but not over the top, and comfortable. And yes I can walk in them!

Keely found the makeup counter.

And I found her doing this.

A beautiful day with my girl.


  1. looks like a super fun day! noice shoes - very you indeed! xx

  2. Yikes! You braved 2 shopping malls. Go girl! Love the heels. Will have to organise that Thurs night catch-up so you can take those babies out for a spin.



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