Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a wall of memories

When one thinks of the past, there is either good things, or not so good things. I have started new. From the moment I walked out of that door yesterday and locked it for the last time, I became me. The me that I have started to get to know in the last 18 months. There are good memories, and there are not so good memories behind that closed door. The not so good, I am leaving behind that door. The good, I am taking with me.

Like the discovery of the wall where I measured my daughter, and once my son. I take this. Along with the last measurement left behind. (I did not have the heart to remove this. A memory that is best left, and not removed).

And from this moment; this blog post, I start new. My new life will have reflection on the past, and it will only be reflection. I live for now. I live today, and for what I have ahead of me. There is a lot of awesome. How can there not be? I can now concentrate solely on being a mother for my two little people, a great friend to my friends, and a business woman.

Rock on!


  1. Rock on indeed! Your new life will be will be filled with all things awesome!

  2. Hooray for you! You've come such a long way, it's so great to follow your journey and see you blossom. That sounds terribly corny, doesn't it!?

  3. Yay you! Looking forward to tomorrows post.

  4. Onwards and upwards! New adventures and happy times lie ahead. Look forward future posts.



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