Thursday, July 21, 2011

how I rock ikea

I think it is time for another Ikea chat, and how to do Ikea. I believe there is an Ikea way. Firstly, for me, I had to take the deepest breath. I am not a mall shopper, as you know, and to me this is a mall in itself. I felt sick, and there is no denying I am an online shopper at heart. Less stress.

If you are like me when it comes to mall shopping, and need some help in how to get in and out, then this is what worked for me. I do not write lists on paper, but I do have them written in my head. You can choose what best suits you. If you do not do this step you will end up being like every other Ikea shopper, and walking out with a whole lot of shit you did not need. Then you are stuck with a home full of clutter. Some like clutter, I don't do clutter. Once you have your list sorted, you can grab your pencil, shopping sheet, and your trolley with bag. You are ready to roll.

I could not help but laugh as I watched other shoppers around me. There is something about watching people shop in Ikea; you can see the heated arguments. I am that shopper that follows my list and gets out of there as quickly as possible. Yes, I will admit I did kind of stroll past different departments, but there did come a time that I just wanted to get to that checkout, and check myself out. If only you could of seen me lift a 3 seat sofa onto a trolley, on my own, and then push that and pull another trolley behind me! Who said a woman could not rock two trolleys. I did once do Ikea with both my little people, and two trolleys. I survived that trip with a whole lot of giggles.

That would be my second rule, take a buddy. Take someone to help you push stuff, (if you plan on getting those big things). The third rule would be, home delivery. Seriously it rocks. There is no way my purchases would of fitted in zippy zee. Plus some other guy carries your couch up your stairs, and I have a lot of stairs.

these dolls freaked me out

The last rule is one I completely rocked; going against the traffic. There is only one way in Ikea, and I had to go against the grain. It was interesting to say the least. So my only advice would be to make sure you have everything before leaving each department, or if you want a laugh, and you just need to do something for shits and giggles, then go against the grain!

Have fun Ikea shopping! And remember to stop a little and take in the people watching around you. It might just allow you to breathe better. Or you could be that person that hangs at Ikea all day, and has their $1 hotdogs.

I bought;

# a new couch; to create new conversations on.
# a new rug; for the little people to roll around on. (It is bright, and fluffy. A colourful wool rug).
# a toilet brush; come on we all need a new one of these every now and then.
# a bin for the bathroom; required for the finished toilet rolls, and the little people morning nappies.
# white photo frames; to capture those new memories. our new life.


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  2. Have you every been to Ikea on the weekend - OMGA!
    Its the people that wander round at a snails pace, weaving along, taking up the whole aisle - like you, I want to get in and get out - quick! I've found a few short cuts - its Mall rage! As you can tell I have a few issues on the subject. Breathe.....

  3. ahh Ikea, I am going on Monday!
    I always go against the grain there, we first stop at the cafe for a snack (little man in tow) and then go against the traffic..oops, with the mini trolley (oooh why do I let him get that!!) then after we have knocked into everything possible, we finish off with a soft serve, YAY! (and fall asleep in the car, holding said soft serve cone)
    thanks for the ikea giggle, I'll be thinking of you when I go.
    I'll be grabbing some frames aswell, Aidan wants me to frame..EVERYTHING he draws!

  4. Ahh i love ikea! almost went there today too! lovin the people watching too.. although its normally people watching me as my angelic looking children go wild! enjoy your new purchases! xx



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