Thursday, June 30, 2011

the no good chop chop

I am up to no good. I like being up to no good. However this is not a no good that is naughty. This is a no good that is awesome. I just like to call it no good, as that sounds even more exciting. And the more I put the words, 'no good,' in this post, you will begin to believe it truly is no good.......when in fact it is all good.

I also chopped my fringe. I was meant to be growing it, I know, but after my hairstylist told me that I was missing something, I went with his recommendations. He showed me an image, and I almost cried, but instead I laughed. He chopped it. And in the meantime my hairdresser had turned me into a top deck chocolate bar, (dark roots, and the lighter ends).

This new look will rock the no good I am up to. I cannot wait to share my awesome that is good. For now I will roll with my new chop chop fringe, and you can think of me being up to no good!

This time next week I will be in my new home!



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