Thursday, July 14, 2011

what's your dream. one dream.

I went to the doctors this week. Not because I was sick. I went to talk, and to get some herbal remedies. She said to me that she was surprised I was still standing, and also not surprised that I had another chest infection, after having one for 4 weeks. I only had 4 days of relief before this one bit me on the butt. I like her. She spoke about how interesting she finds it that my body is telling me that it has had enough. That now I need to not only breathe, but to stop and breathe.

I am like an energizer bunny, that does not stop. I have been in a tunnel vision mode for the past two months. Getting things done. Now I can see the light. It is all finished.

Today my unit settles. Today I become a non-homeowner; going against the 'great australian dream.' So today, I will use this time to stop.

Then breathe.

And continue to walk forward.

My great australian dream is to continue to be happy. I find with my happiness the rest of my life will fall into place.

Some want to be loved, some want to have their own home, some want a successful job, some want a family and others want to be happy. I know there is a lot more to add to that list. If you could have one big thing, what would it be?

Me: happiness


  1. For me it is good health - of loved ones and my own. I know how blessed I am to be in good health. Being faced with serious health issues throws life in a whole different perspective.
    On the sale of your unit; I sold up (and have just bought again) in 2008. I can't begin to tell you what an immense and instant positive difference that made to my life and wellbeing. It is all very well to be chasing the dream of home ownership but not if it keeps you awake at night. I realised I was better off investing in my business and future. I literally started enjoying life again the moment the sale settled. Three years on and I am in a very very happy place.
    Remember that all things do eventually pass. Here's to a happy new start for you and your little ones.

  2. I don't know that i have a specific dream, but I have recently paused for reflection and decided to completely turn my life on its head and take a year off to breathe and parent. Right now, that's my dream that is becoming a reality :)

  3. We have decided to do the same - for a little while. We have just sold our very large inner city home (it settled on Monday) and are currently renting. We intend on purchasing again soon but it is nice to take the time out and step off the tread mill for a bit. We realized that whilst we had a great house, we weren't living in it happily. I am so happy and excited to be out of that house and to imagine what lies ahead.



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