Sunday, July 24, 2011

jump on your couch

When people say, 'you are settled' in your life. One thinks of stability, love and happiness. I am very grateful to have all three of these. I guess you could call me settled.

To think over a year ago I was writing about having no friends that I could call my own. Now I have a whole bunch of them. And each and every one of them are awesome. I could call them all, my best friend.

Cathie from M.E, blogs about something grateful each saturday of the week. It is beautiful to go and read what people are grateful for. Do yourself a favour and go and click on the word grateful. This week Cathie is grateful for what I personally have been very grateful for in the past three months; my little people. They have no idea what they have helped me get through. Maybe one day they will know, how much they showed me the way to the place I am now. {Sometimes when you write what you have kept hidden inside, it brings out the emotions of the rollercoaster of events. Silly tears}!

If you asked me right now what I was grateful for, it would be the happiness I feel. Simple really. This happiness is a balloon of everything around me; my little people, my new home, my new and old friends, my business, and my future dreams and aspirations.

I hope I do not sound like someone that is over the top happy! I am far from that person that jumps out of bed each morning and instantly has that thing our children have. What is the deal with that? I do require coffee, a run, and some sunlight. Once I have one, or all of them I am pretty happy. There is no jumping on the couch Tom Cruise style. Now that is a little freakish.

I still have fear. I think that is kind of healthy to have that. It keeps me on my toes, and keeps me grounded with reality. I might jump on my new couch, non Tom Cruise style, and with my little people. Looks fun!


  1. I am so glad you feel so happy! good on you! Your little people are ace! and the new place looks awesome! love the rug! x

  2. Can't believe you bought the couch I have my eye on!!! It looks so comfy!

  3. Just beautiful & yay - i adore Cathie at m.e too, she's just a delight. My grateful this week was about MY siblings, while i have 4 awesome children, i'm so grateful for my brothers & sister, my in-laws too. Just did a trip from Canberra to Brisbane & back & saw a few of my siblings, it was fantastic, they are so positive about my life (i'm the little sister) & where i'm going in this world, settled - yes, but i have been since i was a teenager as i met & married the most fantastic guy ever, 17 years later, just add 4 children & many experiences.
    Gorgeous images of your children there, love Posie



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