Thursday, July 14, 2011

tea for two

When did we stop talking? If there are memories, then why do people stop remembering them, or is it the hurt of the memories, and we bury it. Is it forgetting, 'as we get on with life.' {I have never forgotten, and never will}. I know it is painful. It is painful for the loss. It is painful for the time that goes on. It is painful that we stop. Stop talking.

Or is it that we stop listening?

My mum hated tea. And I mean hate. She had a beautiful tea set. One that comes with the cute milk jug and sugar pot. It sat in my kitchen window. One day a lady yelled from downstairs, and told me she had just the thing for my teapot. She had found a tea cozy at Vinnies; a little nanna jumper.

I love tea. I love it more that mum hated it. Why? Because it makes me remember her. It helps people talk. That lady spoke to me. And others did when I posted this image on my facebook page via instagram.

I believe you have to roll with your feelings. I am very happy. But I also miss my mum. When I am doing huge, I miss her. I miss her not being here and telling me that she is proud of me. I miss that I could not sit down, and make her a pot of tea, and for her to ask me what the hell I was doing! I miss having coffee with her. A simple coffee. I know she would love going for coffee where I go every morning. She would give those guys a giggle. I miss her cheeky and very witty sense of humour.

Today I tell you more about my mum. Today I talk.

My mum hated tea. She did not like coconut. And she made one awesome roast pork, and roasted vegetables.

Almost five years. Five years since I held her hand.

I still hold it.


  1. She still holds your hand too sweets.
    She might have hated tea but I reckon she would have lived my chai!
    Mums are amazing - just as you are an amazing mum! X

  2. This post made me think of my late father. Thanks for that. Truly beautiful words. They made me cry a little bit.

    Camila Faria

  3. PURPLE!!!! Yep PURPLE!!!!!!!!!! My mum was was obsessed with it, purple walls, purple pictures, purple jewellery and she wore purple, from her underthings all the way thru to her outers! Nothing else, PURPLE, PURPLE, PURPLE. I HATE purple, I will never ever wear it!! However it reminds me of Mumma, her silliness, her craziness and her beautiful brave heart. Having coffee with my baby sister Pru a few weeks ago and I realised she has started on the purple. Just a bit here and there, and I pointed it out. And her response " I've embraced it, I have the purple gene". We laughed till we cried. Joy filled my heart, my baby sister has the purple gene. Boooya!!!!

  4. big hugs! my mum died a few months ago and I miss her everyday but sometimes I really really miss her and the reality sinks in. I don;t think it sinks in at the time and I don't think it really has.



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