Sunday, July 3, 2011

boxes of imagination

Today was about packing. Everything in boxes. That is the way to move, even if you have one box at the end that you throw things in. I am paying by the hour on thursday, so need to make sure those three men are not hanging around for too long expecting beers and pizza.

I am that organised, and such a professional I packed the kitchen tongs. Not good when I clearly still need to be cooking for the week. I improvised and used a fork to cook our dinner. I of course have my priorities right as I left out one wine glass to pour a well earned glass of red when the little people go to bed.

There are positives out of moving. The first would have to be the whole binning* the stuff you do not need, and probably never needed in the first place. The second would be the excitement and joy the little people show you.

Each stack of boxes have become a new cubby house, and this afternoon they realised they can put their mattresses together to create one big bed. Apparently as my bed is now packed up, and I too am on my mattress, we are all camping tonight. What a shame I did not buy marshmallows to toast over the fire, (gas stove top).

Tomorrow Keely and I are off to Surry Hills, and hopefully if time permits we will head over to Newtown for some lunch. School holidays are fun! Packing not so fun.

Enjoy your week!

*any items that were still in good condition were passed onto people who needed them.

** I am on instagram.. I am sucked into another, easy application for my iphone. Sure beats lugging the big camera around.

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  1. oh my gosh. I have EXACTLY that memory as a kid. Packing boxes, making cubbies and camping out on the floor in our sleeping bags. We awoke the next morning as kissed every wall of that little house.

    Hope your move goes smoothly and you get to scoff the pizza and beer minus the removalists.

    xo em



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