Sunday, July 31, 2011

look what I found over the fence

Do you remember looking over the neighbours fence as a child. Do you remember playing with all the children in your street. Running wild until your parents yelled for you to come for dinner.

I have snippets of those memories. Some I have wiped for the violation put on me as a child. Unfortunately when you wipe these times in your life, you wipe some of the good memories. I have them come back as flashbacks. Those special times my mum gave me as a child. Now I want to pass this on to my children. Times have changed, and the world is a little scary sometimes, but I believe I can give them what I had to an extent. They can still look over the fence. They can play with friends until they are called to have food.

Today I was called someone's daughter. Something that has made my day, and pretty much this whole year of change. I have never had a father. And today I have one. I have had him for over 20 years in my life. I grew up with his children. He was a great friend of my mums.

Today my little people looked over the fence with friends. Today I became a daughter. Life is beautiful for this little pinwheel family.

That is all we need; to feel part of a family. A simple BBQ, and the laughter of children, and you become part of a new family; a family that I have always been part of.

I am feeling a little lucky right now.



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