Friday, July 29, 2011

sprinkle the change on cupcakes

Sometimes things change. There needs to be change. You just do what is best for those little people that walk on each side of you. You hold their hands and you hope that you can protect them in every step you take together. This to me is being a parent. That simple art of walking with them, protecting them, and doing everything you possibly can to keep those smiles firmly planted on their faces, and inside their hearts.

This weekend is my first full weekend with my little people. Our first weekend to rock it together. To do what we do in one day, in two days. To make cupcakes, to giggle, to run, to play and to be ourselves on our own, and with friends.

I hope you enjoy your weekend walking with your little people, or if you have no little people, walking with your friends, and wearing those smiles.

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