Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taj's first haircut; chop chop rockstar

And here we go. The first chop for Taj. The moment where he changes from that real cute little baby face boy, to that real rockstar little guy.

I keep staring at him. I cannot stop looking at that little guy. I thought he was a spunk before, and now I think he is an even bigger spunk. There is something about my guy; a personality that is big on kindness, and big on rockin.'

I think he looks ace. I think my little baby face boy went in a moment of a few chops.

Taj loves his head.

He actually thinks it deserves some rock on fingers.

Nothing like the modern day mullet. One that Taj rocks his way.

Rock on Taj. Big love to you big guy.


  1. bless him!! mega spunk! they did an awesome job. hope you got the salties in the mail today!

  2. Rock on Taj!! Looking good...I am giving you some rock on fingers myself.

  3. Love the new style x Rock on Taj x

  4. Looks GREAT! Amazing how little boys grow up with a haircut isn't it?

  5. that is one spunky haircut! Looks just as good as the mop he had before

  6. I love it! My little guy is due for another haircut and I think I might go to the hairdressers and ask for a Taj! :)

    He's such a gorgeous boy.


  7. Oh he's a real boy now, with the new do & love of pampering!! My son got his hair cut yesterday too, he goes super short as it grows so quickly. We've been cutting his hair since he was 10 months old & he loves it. He so happily charges into the old fashioned military barber & sits down on the booster (he's 7) & very happy the barber's accent is so thick Irish, my son can't understand the swearing!! Eeek, love Posie

  8. Awesome! I knew he would look mega cool - still a cutie. Taj and JP would make an spunky blonde/blue eyed duo!



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