Monday, July 11, 2011

how green is your thumb

I would like to call myself a green thumb. I was that child that pottered around the garden with my mum, had over 20 bonsais*, three big vege patches, and a whole lot of different plants in pots. We were a family that loved to hang in the garden on the weekend; mowing the lawn, weeding, or just sitting down to a table of yummy food to make open sandwiches with. I miss that. I miss her.

Today was the last day I will ever spend at my old home. It was time to clean it, take anything that was left behind, and pull out my mum's plants, which I planted in the planter box at the end of the balcony. I bought these plants with my mum when she first moved to Sydney to be with me. I remember the whole day clearly. Our day at the markets, buying four plants to put on her balcony, and both carrying them back to her apartment. We shared lunch, (we always shared lunch, so we could share a treat, and not feel guilty). Those plants were heavy.

It is interesting how four plants can become worth more than just four plants.

Keely replanted them with me. And together we made our little garden in our new home.

*my mum looked after all of my bonsais when I went on a holiday. This was back when I was in my twenties. Mum managed to kill all of them! That is over 20 plants.

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