Thursday, July 28, 2011

superhero . spiderman . me

When did I decide I wore knickers on the outside of my pants. When did I believe I was some kind of superhero. Today I believed it. Maybe I shouldn't of.

I did not wear my knickers on the outside of my pants. I also did not wear hot pants, boots and a star headband. However, I did wear the heart on the outside. {Well that was the tee shirt I grabbed out of my drawer this morning}.

Today I was a mum, a friend, a photographer, a fashion buyer, a business woman, a warehouse manager, a graphic designer, a postman, a cook, some kind of superhero, and now I am going to be a university student and try to rock out a late night.

Maybe this is what being a parent is. Or am I just that crazy person that has ants in my pants, and cannot sit still until it is all done? Whatever it is, I can believe today that I was a superhero. To some extent I rocked it. And to another extent I sucked.The villain knocked me around a little.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I will have my knickers safely hidden on the inside of my pants. Like a modern day Clark Kent.

We are all heros to our little people. They do not see the part of the day where we sucked.

What superhero are you, or would you like to be?

I would like to be spiderman. He climbs buildings, flies a little, and he runs fast. Plus I have a big fear of spiders, and to be the man; the spiderman, would take that fear away.

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