Sunday, July 10, 2011

the first haircut?

I am thinking about getting Taj's hair cut; the first cut.

It is wild, and a little out of control. He has regular fringe cuts, and hates, (and I mean hate in terms of the opposite of love), having his hair brushed. Taj has hair like mine, where it kind of clumps together, and turns into little dreadlocks.

Taj's personality suits wild, but it is time to tame the beast. I thought to keep it long, and clean it up, but we would have to be careful to not rock a mullet. Although, Taj could probably pull that off. I do not think he is the short back and sides boy.

Help! Do we take the gamble and hope for a cool mullet, {if there is such thing as a cool mullet. I am having childhood nightmares}, or do you know of any other rockin' styles for the mini 'rock on' boy?

I personally love long hair on little boys, especially this beach bum Taj.


  1. ahahah. I cut my little dude a 'short at the back, long and swept across the front' look. it looked awesome... until my mum cut his fringe last week (MUM- YOU IDIOT!). but it worked. Short back and sides, not cool. little kids with gel in their hair, not cool. ;)

    xo em

  2. Maybe he can rock the shorter on the sides longer on top and cut it in slightly on the back but still leave it a bit long? Haha.. ala Kingston Rossdale? Taj could definitely get away with that ;)

  3. Tom has the same issue, after discussing it with a girlfriend over coffee last week I came home and rang up the hairdresser (wife of Terry sudo) as they are a kids salon, but were booked out so I did an impulsive thing and cut his hair myself. I have kept all the golden locks. Was such a shock to see him without his long blonde dreads. I think a trim is best, while keeping the same long style...

  4. I FINALLY succumbed to the hairdressers for JP last week - only took an inch off everywhere, but looks much better, and I can get a comb through it now!- and he still has his curls.
    If James didn't have the curls I would definately go with Gwen Stefani's boys hair cut. I think Taj could pull it off!

  5. I love boys with long hair! I just cut Riley's though cos it was so fine it looked crappy. now he's sporting a short quiffed type do. Being a hairdresser he actually wants me to cut his hair all the time. But hoping to grow it longer eventually..I think Taj would totally rock a Kingston Rossdale type haircut.. cute! look forward to seeing what you do. xx



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