Tuesday, April 5, 2011

words out on school

The first school term is almost over. We have both survived. Keely has passed with flying colours. She has done more than what I would have ever expected. School mum me, is not passing. I however have mastered the lunchbox, but I am still turning up to school pick up with a naked child, no shoes for myself, and at times no bra. I must be that mum that looks completely flustered each time I turn up. There have been days where I have turned up and thought I was completely awesome, and with my own personal view on passing the school mum test. Those days are the ones I forget, and the ones I remember are the days that make me giggle inside. I am not cut out to be a school mum, but I am loving every moment of the chaos.

Keely will be rocking some vacation care next week. I have put her into two days. We unfortunately missed out on the zoo day, but she will be catching a ferry, and having a day with some clowns, and no doubt coming home with her face painted.

This year is flying. My little girl is reading, she is interested in words everywhere; street signs, cafe signs, words in magazines, words in books, and how to write words. Keely writes a whole birthday card, and she even wants to write her own books.

Words are everything to me. Arranged in a certain way, or said in a certain way they become everything to someone else. They are everything to Keely.


  1. congratulations to your little girl! she is such a cutie


  2. The empty stomach feeling is slowly fading more me along with the end of term.
    Jury's out for the school mum thing for me also, i just figure if you manage to hold down wrk or run a business plus keep little ones happy you're doing ok!

  3. Oh our big ones are so clever and gorgeous!! BTW I turned up to get Max with seconds to spare, hit the curb right out front of the gate, Finn was sporting lola's fairy dress and jetty was fast asleep! All that said I arrived in a nick of time to be greeted by the beautifully joyous grin of my gorgeous boy!!!

  4. She's so cute - and well done to Keely. One term down, only around 51 to go!



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