Sunday, April 17, 2011

mall rat tribute

Go on press play, and read. Listen to Eye of The Tiger, Rocky Tribute edition, and you will feel my true love for the mall......The mall and I are not friends. We do not go together. Two very different personalities. I am patient, but I am not patient enough to deal with road rage in the carpark, lining up to pay for things, dealing with shop assistants that clearly don't want to be there, and I am far from attempting the mall with little people in tow.

I look up to those who can rock the mall on a thursday night; mall rats. They hang out in groups. All dressed up and no where else to go. I was never one. Couldn't do it. I was the movies or backyard parties girl, or I would just stay home with my family.

Over the weekend I braved the mall, and became a mall rat. For a very short period of time. I wanted one simple thing, and I had to go to the mall to get it. It was raining, and I had no little people. I sucked it up, and drove up the ramp to the carpark. First thing I said was the F word. It was busy. Really busy. I was going to drive down the first ramp to exit, when a lady unlocked her car. I was in. I had a park as soon as I had entered the carpark. Honestly there were that many cars in front of me, I was lucky. Lucky enough to buy a lottery ticket, which for some reason I didn't. Now that is silly, as I could of been writing a more interesting blog post today.

I sucked in that much air, put my headphones on, pressed play to my rockin' music, went to the shop I needed to go to, and I got the hell out of there.

You can tell a mall lover, (that is sarcastic), as they have their headphones on, and no blinkers.

Do you rock it? Or are you like me, and go twice a year, if you have to.

{I bought new skins, compression tights, to run in. My version of the mall rat moment. If I did not need them at that moment, I would of bought them online. Online shopping is the bomb. There are no rats online}.


  1. Love it Hayley...LOVE the Rocky footage! I used to be into the mall thing but as I get older my outlook on consuming & shopping has changed & now I actively avoid it. If I cant shop online I would prefer to go to ‘real’ shops with character & beautiful wares run by people with passion!

  2. I am like you. I might go to a mall once every couple of years, and then I get in and out as fast as possible. I've never liked the place.



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