Monday, April 18, 2011

get up and ride

Sometimes in life we fall off our bikes. We are scared to hop back on again, and make those wheels go. I fell off. I tried to get back on, and I couldn't do it. I took all the steps possible to ride again, but failed. I tried though. But I failed. {Failed might not be the right word. Actually it is the wrong word. But until I accept that I will be fine, I will stick with fail}.

Today I hopped back on my bike. It is a different bike. One I am not too sure about. I don't know where this bike will take me in life, but I have courage. And I think that courage, along with a whole lot of love from my little people will show me that it doesn't matter what bike you hop on; you can ride any bike when you have hope.

I need to build a new sandcastle. I am blessed to have my beautiful friends help me build again.

A new bike. A new road, and a new sandcastle. It is all brand new.

fresh start.


  1. that little green bike rocks!

  2. Oh, I know there is a lot more going on than what you are sharing. Pain and change are never fun. Thank goodness for friends and, yes, for Hope. You have great courage - one day at a time. You only need enough for the day you have woken up to - thank goodness for that! xo

  3. What has happened to make you so sad?



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