Sunday, April 3, 2011

wallpaper me

I have a love of floral shirts. Like the floral shirt you have just peeled off your wallpaper wall. There is something about wearing vintage, or something that looks vintage. A piece of clothing that has a story to tell, even though it is this seasons florals.

I now have four shirts that I love, and even a dress with patchwork florals and lace. I don't do dresses, but I will be do the one I bought. And I will rock the wallpaper me this winter. Nice to add some colour to your personal wall.

Florals are the new black. They are my new black.


  1. I am loving florals too!! I brought out my nana couch floral jacket later on! You looked so cute today in your floral shirt. X

  2. i gotta get out of my winter black routine.

  3. Love the shirt! I'm rocking the florals too, I have so many vintage dresses that I need to fix up, maybe in time for next summer!



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