Thursday, April 21, 2011

packing up

With the little people away the mouse is going to play.... ok so it is not going to be that interesting. It is time to pack up our lives. Put it into boxes, and start a move to something new. I am not packing my life away. It is just being relocated. I am going to build a new dance floor.

There is an element of fear in this decision. It is a big element. But there comes a time when you have to stand up for yourself. Grow those balls, and stop letting yourself be a puppet on a string, or what sometimes feels like a voodoo doll.

My mum lived in rental properties for my whole childhood, and most of my adult life before she passed away. I only knew in my early adult life that they were rental properties. She built a home in every space we lived in. She built something that I will build for my little people. Australians love to have the Aussie dream by owning their own home, but I personally believe a home is where your heart is.

I am scared. But the fear will go in time. There is a lot to do. And I will take each step knowing that I am doing this for them. I am building a new dance floor for my two children. A place where they can feel a whole lot of love, and live knowing that their mum is happy and dancing with them.

A year of opportunities. I need to take positive out of every step I take. Otherwise I will miss opportunities, and the happiness will go. I am never letting that go. Plus beyond the fun of packing there is going to be a new home to set up!

Enjoy your easter holidays! x


  1. inspiring positive attitude! good luck! xo

  2. You go girl! Home is wherever you and your little people are. I was worried that when we sold our small little space to rent a bigger house it wouldn't feel like home. I was totally wrong. Enjoy the excitement of finding a new place.
    PS Come and live in the inner west with me!!!!

  3. Best wishes and happy easter to you. Good luck building anew.

  4. really touching, my dear...i give you a big hug, my good thoughts and so much more...i´m sure you will "built your dreams a wonderful home"...take care and enjoy your weekend...all the best...deep from my heart...a big hug...and take care...cheers...i...



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