Thursday, April 7, 2011

happy birthday mumso & number two little pinwheel

To know she is proud. To know that she walks by my side is all I need. I miss my mum. I am doing awesome in so many ways in my life, and I cannot tell you how much that hurts to not have her here to see me succeed in my life.

To walk forward; and not look back, to hold my head up high; and not too high, to dance to the beat of my own heart; and to one day dance with someone else, to rock it; and to rock it with my little people, to laugh with my friends; and to laugh with new friends, to smile at a stranger; and have a stranger smile right back at me, to walk on my own; and to walk with someone new, to make fun of myself; and to laugh at my own jokes, to have someone laugh at me; and for me to laugh with them, to be me; and to be me with my mum in my heart.

I am grateful.

Happy number two Little Pinwheel, and happy 63rd birthday to my Mumso.

There has not been one day where I have not thought of you. It still hurts as much as it did the day I saw you take your last breath. Forever in my heart. Forever you are me.

love x


  1. what a gorgeous and heartfelt post.... hugs to you hailey! rowe x

  2. Happy birthday littlepinwheel and beautiful mumso!! It's a lovely sunny, happy day to celebrate a 2nd birthday and remember a special lady. See you later on xxxxxx

  3. i always read your blog but never comment.. This is such a beautiful post, i felt compelled to write.. it bought tears to my eyes and reminds me of my own pain.
    Wishing littlepinwheel and your mum a very happy birthday. xx

  4. two wonderful things to celebrate!



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