Friday, April 8, 2011

a birthday with style

I ran. I remembered. I reflected.

A day that was full of emotions, and a day that was completely awesome. I spent it with friends. I spent it alone. I spent it with my little people. And I spent it with my mum.

Two birthdays were celebrated in style.

Thank you to my beautiful little people, my awesome friends, {you all rock my world}, to customers, to blog readers, and to strangers for making our day a memorable one.


  1. oh, so lovley your pictures...happy, happy birthday...;)...its so fine to have you here...and also you are so far away, i´m always so near to you...because your writing has touch my heart...every single moment i read your blog...thanks, dear friend for this and so much more...a big hug...cheers and hugs...i...

  2. hugs to you lovely, i know how emotional the day would have been.

  3. good to see you all so happy and that it was a joy filled day.

  4. glad that it was a good birthday. the pics prove it!



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