Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the sore post

I have nothing to say. Actually that is a lie, as I am here, and I am typing away and seeing what I come out with. Right now I am hurting.

I was running, and had my line. Runners have a line they run. It might not be a straight road, but there is always a line. Two walkers taking up the whole footpath did not move, and in turn I had been nudged off onto the grass, and ironically there was a hole that I slipped into, and POW. I slid on the ground. The walkers did not stop. I am sore, but I will run tomorrow.

My little people rock. I love them that much.

Tomorrow I will eat cake with my little people, and some awesome friends; a little pinwheel and mumso cake.


  1. Ouch! Perhaps that is why I haven't taken to running.... I know how bad the injuries will be. I hope you are feeling a bit better tomorrow.

  2. Oh dear, i can't believe the walkers didn't stop, actually i can, people can totally suck!! Get well soon, you can join my middle daughter who donked her chin on Sunday & has a purple goatee, not pretty!! Heal quickly & maybe ring a bell when pedestrians hog the footpath in the future?? Maybe squirt them with a water bottle?? Love Posie

  3. ouch! you poor thing! i remember running the state cross country when i was younger and falling and had head to toe mud all over and grazes like that on all my exposed bits.. HORRIBLE!

    Can't believe those greedy walkers did not stop to see how you were! HOW RUDE!



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