Wednesday, April 27, 2011

big love

There is awesome, and then there is all kinds of awesome. This day has been all kinds of awesome.

The chaos has returned, the home is an instant mess, the carpet already needs to be vacuumed, and there has been fighting amongst the little people. BUT, there is laughter; real belly laughter, there has been fun, there has been cuddles, there has been moments you wish you could bottle up and keep forever, and there has been big love.

I love having my little people home. I love all that comes with being a mum. They rock my world. They give me belly laughs. And they love me unconditionally, like I love them.

Big love to little people!

The school mum returns tomorrow. I wonder if I can rock the second term? Lucky parents are not graded on their school parenting abilities!


  1. what a joyful post. made me smile.

  2. gorgeous! taj looks so much like you in that close up of him. go rock your own school mum style tomorrow! x

  3. Beautiful pictures and yes i would fail dismally if i was geaded as a school mum ha ha xx good luck in term 2 ours starts next thursday x

  4. lovley...just so sweet...i know what you mean...they are the best...;)...and these moments are forever in our mummies hearts...wish you a good start with term 2 and much more...a big hug...cheers...i

  5. soo cute! the heart trousers look really nice.

    if you have a chance, please check out my toddler blog

    Abi xxx

  6. Hayley

    Your posts make me smile :)
    Love the threads x Al



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