Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the baking mum

There is something about baking. It is only a fairly new thing for me. I suck, or maybe I should say sucked at cooking. I do love it. And this afternoon I have baked some apple and cinnamon muffins for my little people.

They will be home in the next 2 hours, and I cannot wait to have a pyjama party with my little people. I have no doubt I will fall asleep with them in my arms.

The delicious, (see I am very optimistic), muffins are for morning tea tomorrow. They smell good!

Ok, I just had a bite, and they are the bomb! I can bake a mean, (moist), apple and cinnamon muffin.


  1. haha, love a good bake off! i was so lazy this weekend I almost feel guilty about it (almost). have a great reunion with the little people! x

  2. Same, i made a Banoffee Pie yesterday, seemed like a good idea at the time butrealising i had no toffee, had to make my own (yay) which turned into an even bigge mission, but i have to say the finished product was a gem! You should try Nigella Lawsons bananna muffins they are amazing and soo easy, i will post the recipe on my blog oohlaalatte.blogspot.au

  3. Baking is great! Its fun, but you can still convince yourself you did some sort of housework in the day!
    My little people love baking too, but i think that's mostly to lick the beaters!

    Your muffins look divine!

  4. Best thing to do on a rainy weekend in Sydney! I made my first ever batch of scones yesterday - with JP's help!? - they turned out okay. Husband ate one anyway!
    Have fun tonight! xxx



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