Monday, April 4, 2011

how to relax

I do not know how to relax. My head ticks over all the time with thoughts, ideas, and life in general. I cannot sit still. It is like I have ants in my pants. I had a busy weekend, and a busy week last week. I do seem to find the time to sit and enjoy coffee. I make that time. Maybe that is my relaxation time. Although during that time I am people watching, taking things in, and thinking about what I could be doing if I was not sitting enjoying my coffee. I believe the only time that I am relaxed is when I run. I feel nothing when I run. I feel free, and completely relaxed in my whole mind and body.

A girlfriend said to me on Sunday that I should not do the housework, I should sit and watch a midday movie, or lay down for a bit. I don't do that. I am not even sure the last time I turned on the television for me. It is stuck on ABC kids. I stopped watching flick fridays, and if I did I would watch them on the computer and do work at the same time. I clearly need some relaxation coaching; to be taught how to lay like broccoli, and just be.

I did manage to pick up my book. The book that has been sitting beside my bed for weeks now, along with the pile of unread books, and magazines. I am in need of some chill time. Some "just be" time, with no thoughts, but the pictures I imagine in my head of the book I am reading.

Time to be a book worm again. Time to relax. I will wait until this week is over. For now I need to run. And run to deal with my mum's approaching birthday.

How do you put your tools down, and relax? Do you get this time to just be, or are you like me and trying to fit a 30 hour day into a 24 hour day? I know women that have a massage or a facial every week; are you that disciplined in the relaxation area?

For the record, I read 5 pages of my book, and then I had an invitation for a coffee. I went for the coffee! {And I clearly wasted time to relax by setting up the image of myself pretending to read my book}!


  1. Relax????!!!!! Oh I try, I truly do and those few minutes every week I do my head in thinking about what I could be doing if I wasn't sitting trying to relax!!! Can't stop, work to complete, house to ignore, kids to love, friends to laugh with (that's my relaxation) and coffee to be enjoyed. xxxx

  2. Hi Hayley - I seem to be like you - always something to look at, something to do, something to investigate, something to put away - not much relaxation time - working on it though!! Leanne xx

  3. At the moment I seem to have a head full of things I want to get done. I have a list (I'm big on lists) with domestics, projects to do etc. which is interfering with my relaxing! My usual relaxation techniques are reading trashy mags, watching trashy telly - or channelling that inner nanna, and knitting - watching trashy telly & knitting....heaven!!!!?

  4. you are a cracker hayley! i love that pic, so funny that you spent so long in setting it up!

    i love a good soak with my book and a piece of toast in hand. thee's nothing i love more than reading immersed in hot hot water! i can make it last (give o take a few top ups) for 2 hours ometimes! prune feet!

  5. love the set up photo, you are hilarious. sometimes you need to take time for yourself, even if it might not be consideration 'relaxing' by other people!



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