Wednesday, April 13, 2011

building sandcastles

Have you ever had one of those days? A day where it felt like you were punched in the face by someone. And it be intentional?......That was my day. I had that.

I turned a hurt mum into an awesome mum for my little people this afternoon. I made it easy on me, and beautiful for them. They had no idea I was sad mum, and that is very important to me.

They ate fish and chips for dinner. I had a double shot 3/4 latte.

We put our feet in the sand, when we should of been at home doing the bedtime routine, (such a rebel moment, go mum)!

We built a sandcastle. Keely and Taj ran and jumped. We built it again. They ran and jumped again.

We built it one last time. And I ran and jumped.

People can push your buttons. They can punch you in the face. They can even kick you when you are down. But you can rise above it. Find strength you did not know you had. And when there is a long road of punches in the face, you can put your hand up and ask for help. That is courage.

It is all about my little people. And building new sandcastles.


  1. I love your kick-ass attitude to life. Keep on rocking and inspiring the world!

  2. You keep building sand castles sweets - and don't let those puncher-ers bring you down. That's their aim, don't let them win. You're so much stronger than they are x

  3. be the pheonix rising out of the ashes to soar, it's so hard to do, but up there they can no longer touch you :)



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