Wednesday, April 20, 2011

see you soon little people

My little people are fast asleep, and already I am missing them. Tomorrow at the crack of dawn they are leaving to go down the coast for easter. It is awesome for them. It is also a little awesome for me. However being without them will be hard. Six days without those belly laughs, and six days without beautiful cuddles.

We have had a great holiday hanging out, playing, and being rather silly. We even hit the park a few times, and this non-park mum had a really fun time. I let the crazy mum out and slid down some slides, climbed on some equipment and ran after my little people. We rocked the movies, played at the beach, played with lots of different friends, drank way too many coffees and ate some waffles.

School holidays rock!


  1. happy Easter lovely Hayley!
    many hugs to you ♥

  2. use this time to run, dance and enjoy! have a great Easter! x



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