Saturday, April 23, 2011

bachelor bunny

Having time to yourself is the bomb. You learn so much more about yourself, your life journey, and how to waste quite a bit of time doing nothing very important. You also manage to do way too much cleaning, and throw out a whole lot of stuff that clearly should of been cleared out a long time ago. I have also had one afternoon siesta, which was awesome. I have spent time with my beautiful friends, time photographing myself in randomness, and I have had lots of me time to think, and run.

In saying all of this bomb stuff; I want my little people back. I have had enough time to me. I want to play the bunny for them. I want to wake up to two sweet little people jumping all over me. Whoever thinks kids are the pits have me to answer to. They rock your world, more than you could ever know. They are the bomb. They are very much my life. And without them here I feel somewhat lost.

Some of you that have children might be wanting me to shut up, {sorry Keely, I know rude word}, as I have had this time to myself. But you know what you end up wanting them back from that moment you kiss them goodbye. Your home ends up looking like a show home, or a bachelor's pad. {I kind of want to throw some toys around, so I can trip over them}.

Three more sleeps. And I am very much counting. I miss you little people.

happy bunny day x


  1. it would be hard especially over Easter, when everything is centered around kids and the easter bunny and family.

    i am glad you have enjoyed some of your time alone and with friends and that you have also had a lovely siesta. I love siestas.

    the kids will be back with you in no time!


  2. Love this!! I get 6 hours to myself a day & yes, i enjoy my own company after raising all my children to school age, it's my little daily holiday so i can really appreciate & love them to bits at 3p.m. It's no picnic on your own & every decision is up to you, so enjoy the break (& the uber clean clutter free home). Happy Easter in your home. Love Posie

  3. clean house, siestas,, what a magical world you are in!
    i sooo, sooo get you Hayley, i have always had my little people around me, all the time. if i ever go somewhere without them I just feel naked, something not right. no matter how cheeky they are at times, i wouldn't swap those smiles for ANYTHING!
    they'll be back soon lovely girl, enjoy the you time ♥



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