Wednesday, April 13, 2011

our simple bunny ears

This week is all about the bunny. We are in preparation for easter with our little pinwheel easter happening this saturday. The bunny is coming early, and coming twice! With it being all about the bunny we decided to create some bunny ears. Simple bunny ears. Something that Keely and Taj could make themselves with little help from me.

We bought coloured cardboard, and cut out the shape of the ears. After they stuck down their inner bits of the bunny ears I measured their heads to get the perfect fit with a strip of cardboard. Stuck it all together and they rocked their bunny ears for the afternoon.

Taj of course had black for the boy bunny, and Keely pink for the girl bunny.

Apparently today we are making me a set of bunny ears. Keely has decided we need to jazz up our ears with things from our craft box. Nothing like a little bunny bling. This could get very interesting! I already have fluro pink toenails due to Keely's request.


  1. I like colour of Taj's nails - JP had purple nails last week - got a few comments at daycare!? ; )

  2. lovley dear, wish you so much fun with your little ones...enjoy it...;)...hugs...i...

  3. These are too cute! Need to have Kenzie make some too! xo Happy Weekend!



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