Wednesday, February 16, 2011

who's the boss

Tomorrow I am playing little pinwheel boss and not little people boss. I am really looking forward to hopping in my car in the late morning and going to the other side to the city. Maybe some top 40 teeny bop music playing with the air surfing arm out the window to help with the trip over the bridge. It is that time of the year that I buy for my online store. I am looking at ranges for next summer, which will be fun.

My showings this season are all over the place, and will require a bit of moving about the city. I am a good driver, but I suck at driving in the city. I always get lost! Honestly I do. I am not a map girl. I am not a tom tom girl either. I just fly solo and hope for the best! I do however check out the map online before I venture out, and there is always the iphone to help if I start to cry. Tears are likely to fall.

Watch out city, cause the crazy geek from little pinwheel is coming and no doubt will be driving with no hands as she takes photos of her feet, while wearing some awesome saltwater sandals with socks on.


  1. I'm still waiting to see your night out photos of you in your saltwaters! Please say you did? Haha.

    Good luck driving in the city. Especially sans navigator. Heroic x

  2. somehow found your cute blog and your line. am a new follower and will be sure to try and purchase some of your cuteness clothes.



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