Wednesday, February 2, 2011

beach style

There is no complaining in this home. We are sweating it out in full summer style. Water is being consumed like it is liquid gold, and I am beginning to look like a piece of summer fruit. Beach weather is here, and I personally could not be happier.

And when one looks as awesome as this lady does, there should be no complaining. She bought her awesome swimming cap in Russia, and she not only wore it with style, she also rolled around in the crashing waves on her stomach. A lady full of personality that was more than happy for me to photograph her moment on the beach. I do hope I can roll around in the shore line when I am her age, and do it with such grace and style.

Happy summer!


  1. awww she's gorgeous!!! Great photo. You should make a photographic book of all the interesting people/personalities around Dee Why!

  2. My mum had a swimming hat like that in black and white - it was cool. Although she had never gone in water about her knees!!
    I like the way this lady has coordinated her bathing suit and hat.

  3. oh, what an amazing lady...;)...i wish i will be so fit in some years, too...and also i hope that you and your family are safe where you are...what an amazing storm in your home country! hope all the best and send you a big hug...cheers...i...

  4. What a fabulous lady and that cap, wow!



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