Thursday, February 24, 2011

to be success

I have a good feeling. Like things are just warming up for me. I can feel success. I felt it coming at the end of last year, and this year being the year of opportunities, I feel this year is the year for me to power ahead. I have worked so hard to get to where I am, and I do have to pat myself on the back, just a little. This is something I am not that great at, but I am learning to take the compliments and to also believe them myself.

This business is hard. There is no doubt about that. There is a lot of sugar coating that people put on it, and yes there is a lot of sugar, but there is also a lot of stress and some tears. I am up late every night, when I should be either in bed, or watching some tv, and having some chill out time. I however love every minute of it, and my heart is still completely in my business. It is the way I roll, and it seems to be paying off. I have some awesome regular customers, and new people everyday. It is nice to give people a part of me in their orders. Customer service has been my big thing, and one thing my mum taught me in small business. She also taught me that word of mouth is the biggest form of business. She is right.

My mum grew a cleaning business that she started from nothing. She had just walked out on her job and had 3 children to support on her own. She started domestic cleaning in Canberra, and soon turned a word of mouth business into a successful cleaning business that worked for the real estate agencies in Canberra. Mum soon snapped up a contract with the American Embassy to do their end of lease cleans for their properties in Canberra. This was huge, and was the icing on the cake for her business. She did not love to clean toilets, and would tell me this everyday. ("Hayley do you think I like to clean people's shit")?!! But her love was her children, and that was enough for her to get up each day and do what she did, and love it her way.

I get up each day for the love of what I have built. I launched the business on my mum's birthday, and I will continue to love her, as I do Little Pinwheel. Success is what you make it. I am making it with a whole lot of heart.

Mum's cleaning business was called, Sparkles Cleaning Service, and unfortunately died when she did. But I have taken that sparkle and added it to Little Pinwheel.


  1. Great post your work, very true words about small business :)

  2. Your such a cool chick Hayley, so real and honest. I bet your Mama is looking down on you so super proud with a big *sparkling* smile. xx

  3. I agree with Angie. Go Hayley! Shout it out too!

  4. I come across to you only every now and then and was a bit shy to comment at first as you seem so successful.
    I loved the way you wrote, most of all.
    Well, now I know just exactly how you feel and love how you put your struggle/success so well into words to inspire others. I found this such a heartwarming, inspiring and giving post.

    Congratulations on a great sale (I think) and start to your year :)



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