Monday, February 14, 2011

rock on the the guilt

There comes a time when you have to set your little people free. You have to allow them to be without you. This day is one that breaks me a little inside. I love being that mum that is totally there for them at home each day. With one at kindy full time now the home is a little quiet, and lonely for the little one left at home.

I have no doubt I am an awesome mum. Actually I know I am. I am such a beautiful mum to my little people, and that shows with their personalities.

Taj is starting pre school, or daycare, whatever you want to call it, next week. I am a little sad. I am also a little excited. He is going as his mumma needs to make a beautiful life for him and his sister. He is going so I can be more successful in business. I feel a little guilty but I think that is very normal. I am pretty sure they call that the classic "mother's guilt." I would still feel the same if he was 3 or 4 years old. Instead he is 2 and 4 months. But sometimes we as parents need to do this for them, and for ourselves.

My little people rock, and I am now setting them free a little so I can make more steps for an awesome future.

rock on to mother's guilt!

(for the record it is only one day, and I am feeling the guilt)!


  1. No mama is immune to mother guilt! I felt it all day today.

    Feather your nest, do what you have to do , work to live, keep on keeping on - you rock no matter what guise you take. It's a brave new world. xxx

  2. He is the cutest 2 year old EVER!

    He'll have a blast at day care with the other kids.. So much learning to be done!

    Good luck with your ventures..

  3. Oh, he will have so much fun making new little friends! It's always hard to let them go - even for one day! But just think of why you're doing it! Bloody Mother Guilt, like we need one more thing to cause us grief! :) xx



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