Saturday, February 19, 2011

rockin' the pop

We rocked the pop and popped the rock. What an awesome day with lovely friends, customers and new friends. It has taken a lot out of me, but I must say I am still on some kind of an adrenalin rush. I have no idea when it is going to crash and burn for me. For now I am riding the wave, and actually loving every minute of it. I am running like some kind of 80s super star jogger,(picture the full sweat band across my head, high ponytail, matching wrist bands and some cheeky terry toweling shorts with stripe down the sides. Looking good)! Not too sure about looking good, but for now I am feeling awesome.

Lexi was all kinds of awesome. She was rocking the floor to some classic beach boys. We had the three amigos enter. They were the full dodge. There was no way they were shopping for little people, but we kept our cool and stared them down like two cowboys in a western movie.

We had a special delivery Barefoot coffee, and Adriano Zumbo almond croissant from Sophie. (Thank you)! Not a great lead up to the cleanse on monday, but hey still got time to clear the coffee out, and there is always the cold turkey option; again.

I am writing a little random, so that might be a sign of my true tiredness. One can only hope I have another good 72 hours of this. Have to make it to the city again tomorrow early for more work, but I will be back with plenty of time for the lunchtime siesta, or curl up on the beach.

Rock the pop!

{huge thank you to you Lexi.... love x}


  1. The best kind of tiredness happens after the best kind of day. So happy that it all went so well for you. x

  2. You and Lexi did so well today! I love these photos of you two! Lunchtime tomorrow you can just go "ahhhhhhhhh" and do nothing! No probs on the delivery! Now I know they sell Adriano Zumbo pastries at Barefoot - yum! xx

  3. ...DUDE! My eyes look a bit... funky. And hey look, I glow in the dark. x

  4. you both look absolutely beautiful!
    glad to hear it went well & good to see some yumminess around.

    get some sleep!!

  5. I am gutted that I missed the sale.

    Had every intention of coming early but woke up with a headache and grumpy toddler, so alas, no sale for me.

    But am thinking of jumping online and grabbing some of that Minti stuff on sale.

  6. Why do you never show your teeth when you smile?



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