Friday, February 18, 2011

little pinwheel pop up sale pops (dots) me up

I am pumped. Not your pump class at the gym pumped, but pumped. Pumped for the day ahead tomorrow. Pumped to rock it with Lexi from PottyMouthMama, and pumped to keep dancing my heart on the outside. (That in itself is awesome. To dance from the inside out is bringing me even more happiness, and the "noticing" from the opposite sex, is the greatest compliment for a woman).

Adrenalin has kicked in. It kicked in at 6am this morning as my phone chirped away after a 3 hour sleep. My head was racing with the things I needed to do, and I got in and started. Although it did take a coffee, some sea air, and a bit of fuel to get me going. But once that was soaked in, I was going off like a frog in a sock; that much that I needed to run before I received Taj back. I also ran the fastest soft sand, and with no asthma, which goes to show what adrenalin can do to ones body.

I have spotted, and dotted everything for the sale. There is no doubt I am ready. One can only hope that as that alarm chirps in the morning that I am as pumped as I was today. The wall is there, and hopefully I will crash into it on sunday lunchtime. A good time for an afternoon siesta, or a curl up with a good book.

Come join in the craziness tomorrow and rock it with Lexi and I.


  1. wish i could pop by..arghhhh!
    goodluck, be good to yourself ♥

  2. Wish I could come too.... Good luck! Hope it all sells and you and Lexi have a great day. x

  3. Have a great day tomorrow ♥ I'm sure it will be awesome!



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