Sunday, February 6, 2011

not the cool kid {mum} in the playground

It is time to be honest. Time to admit I think I am sucking at this whole school mum thing. I really thought I was going to rock it. I was going to walk all over it. I was going to be this mum that went to P&C meetings, and also volunteered in the school canteen. I was going to car pool with other mums, and be all over the lunchbox thing.

But no.... I was late to pick Keely up on her second day. I had to wake Taj up from his sleep, and I was in the middle of working my butt off in that time I had to work it off. (Keely is finishing kindy at 2 for the next two weeks, and it cuts right into Taj's sleep and the whole work thing I have going on). I turned up with Taj in just a nappy, and I had bare-feet. The only mum with no shoes on! I offered to car pool with another mum, and then realised that I cannot fit another seat in my car, and that also Keely is dropped off to school by her father. I am so not the cool school mum!

I obviously will work out a routine for the next 2 weeks, or maybe I will just drown in the mum and school thing. When it changes to finishing at 3 I am sure I will cruise through and work it out. But until then you can picture me drowning in the ocean with those arms wiggling in the air. And to have a little more of a laugh, picture me in my knee high socks and orange salts with my crazy granny glasses on. (Not sure if you can save me on this one Sophie)!

And just so you know I have only just started washing Keely's school uniforms for tomorrow morning. The weather has changed, (picture buckets of water falling from the sky), and I have a feeling they may not dry. I completely forgot that the mum and school thing happens on the weekend, and you need to prep for the week ahead.

For now I will say I am not the cool kid in the playground, but I sure hope that one day I will be!


  1. Ha ha you gave me a giggle Miss Hayley! I used to love seeing all the first-time mums when I was a kindy teacher. Don't worry yourself at all - you will be the mum that all the teachers (and other mums) completely relate to!!

    Ooh, and by the way, I have a million stories of mums doing all sorts of weird and crazy things during their kid's first few weeks at school.

  2. Ahhh, so I am not the only one having trouble settling in to school. My son started this year, and thankfully, he has had full days from day 1. Otherwise, there is no way I would make it to school pick up time. My 2 year old daughter has already had to have her sleep brought forward by about 1.5 hours just so she get enough sleep during the day. And I am having to leave home about 40 minutes before school finishes (a 5 minute drive away) just so I could park within a 5 minute walk from the school. Otherwise, we could be walking for 15/20 minutes. It is all new, and I am sure we will settle in eventually.....

  3. Oh Hayley, yes it is a bit of a transition for parents as well when their child starts school. I wouldn't worry as you won't be the only one feeling a bit lost with all the things you have to remember. I remember waking my youngest up to collect Emma when she first started school and it wasn't nice at all. But you'll find a routine soon I'm sure.

  4. haha... no I'm not laughing at you- I'm laughing with you :)
    I always thought I'd have the supermum thing happening too- but my son's now in yr 6 & I still haven't got it going on :) But you know what- it doesn't matter- Iron a uniform dry later tonight, it'll all be ok xx FWIW I'm just about to start my washing now - surf club was more important than washing this morning!

  5. Give yourself a break! You'll get the hang of it in no time! You're successful and talented and creative. In my books, that makes you pretty darn cool!

  6. hehe - you sound like a totally normal and awesome mum! I too had amazing visions of helping out heaps etc, but have come to realise that practically, sometime being the best mum is saying no to endless requests for transport etc. Times and seasons!!

  7. Neither am I love BUT I am very proud that i got around to packaging up little snap lock bags of grapes and putting them in the freezer. Thats the only preparation we've done all weekend!
    We're lucky in that I live very close to the school and Haidee doesn't nap (the child that never slept) Amelia has also started full days from day one so I could adhere to a new routine relatively well.
    You'll be alright. I'm sure many of the other parents are finding it hard too. Your perfect to Keeley and Taj I'm sure and at the end of the day thats all that matters :)
    Just don't wear elastic ankle tracksuit pants with stockings and low heeled coral shoes. My mum did that.....God love her! x

  8. Ha ha, yes, i had a giggle when i read about your geek outfit. And ahh nup, i cannot save you from that one missy! It's very early days Hayley!!!! I would be all over the shop in the first few weeks too. You will work out a routine that works for you soon enough. Don't worry.

    And PS. You are always honest! 

  9. I'm already freaking out at the idea of ironing uniforms - both you and Lexi have mentioned it and no matter how much I can convince myself that I'll handle the lunch-box, packing, drop-off stuff, there's no way I am constructed to manage an ironed outfit every. single. day. That's the craziest shizzle I ever heard.

    2pm is a shocker of a pick up time. I'm sure it will get much easier with that extra hour. Good luck with Week 2!

  10. he insanity of school term sure makes me appreciate my cruisy holidays!

  11. My little guy started school last year and I knew it was going to be a change, but was surprised just how much an adjustment it was for the whole family. Be kind to yourself as you get used to it all! I found it hard (more than a few mummy tears shed), but there is so much joy in the first year too- watching them learn and discover new interests and become more grown up and independent. Super cute.

    PS The school holidays are getting closer every day!

  12. I am not there yet (meaning I don't have kids of my own yet) but I am sure that not every mom has it together. I think you're a super cool mom who just loves on her children and they get all the love they need and more. It really just is about that and everything else are just tiny details.

    There is always grace... give yourself some grace.. YOU ARE AWESOME!



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