Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am a survivor of instyle

I flew by the seat of my pants today. I survived the city, and I did it completely in style. There were no tears. I went back streets, no map and still managed to get to all of my destinations. That is very unlike me, so it was a bit of an awesome day with that alone. I saw some great summer ranges for summer 11, and I also had a great laugh with the lovely sales reps. I love what I do, and I could not think of doing anything else. I am however exhausted, but still have a lot of work to do tonight with the lead up to this saturday's pop up sale.

I rolled with my orange salts and knee high socks. There is no doubt I turned heads. I am not sure if it was because they thought I was a freak, or cause they thought it was pretty cool. I did however receive some comments to my face, and one that has stuck in my head is, "Hayley, you look hot, what a cool stylish lady!" Rock on to compliments, and to a day playing boss to Little Pinwheel. It is interesting to feel more tired then when I have my little people to tackle the whole day.

I think I will be pulling an all night job. Have not done this for a really long time. Any pointers? No coffee allowed though as come Monday I am on my cleanse, and I am a coffee snob and have none at home.

The stand out for displays at Kids Instyle would have to be Heavenly Creatures. The images above with the book and the mirror are all props used for their display. Divine.


  1. It's funny you mention you feel more tired than when you are at home with your little ones. I feel the same way when I do work out of the home. It's more of a physical AND mental exhaustion I think. I was actually reflecting on this a few weeks ago. I had a bit of a Sydney festival binge where I was out 3 (!!!) Saturday nights in a row - and one of the weekends out 3 (!!!!) nights in a row. In the middle of this I got really busy with my freelancing. I was buggered! It made me realise that in my old life of having late nights and then early mornings for work I was just going through the motions and not really paying attention to my body screaming out I was tired and needed to take a break. Ever since I had my boy I am so much more attuned to my own body, and what it needs. Possibly because I need to make sure I'm OK so I can look after him. Overal, I'm healthier and happier. But boy, when i do go into someone's office to do a full days work, or go out for a night I really FEEL IT!!

  2. Great post as usual Hayley. Everytime I see a photo of your feet in the Salts it makes me want a pair even more...I think the time has come for some shopping :)



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