Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"to be love"

Sometimes I look at my children and I pinch myself. Ok, maybe it is all the time. Everyday at least I have a moment where I cannot believe that they are mine. On sunday late afternoon I had this conversation with Keely.

Keely: "mummy why are you having a shower now? Can I open the door?"
me: "Yes sure. Mummy is having a shower because I had a bit of a sad day."
Keely: "is it because you don't want to be alone?"
me: "what do you mean, alone?"
Keely: "to be love mum. You to be with someone."
me: "do you want mummy to be with someone. To have someone to love her, and mum to be in love?"
Keely: (with a cute smile, and walking out the door, after drawing love hearts on the shower door), "yes mum to be love."

I have never had the conversation with my children, or even around my children about where I stand in life with the whole love for me subject. I keep this to myself a lot. Besides sharing it here sometimes to strangers, I keep it very close to my own heart. That is a very personal part of me. To have my daughter see that part of me without any conversation over it, makes me see her personality in a completely new way. I am happy to see that my daughter is growing up with my heart. A heart she clearly wears on her sleeve.

I am happy with myself. That is my love.


  1. Tears. What a gentle and sweet soul Keely has. Like her lovely mummy x

  2. gorgeous. If you could bottle that love, you would be a very wealthy woman. xx

  3. These little people - they have awesome powers! When we think we are hiding things so well they always manage to see right through it! xx

  4. You have one very special little girl .... must mean you are one great mummy!!

  5. oh this is so touching...;)...children are so honest and simply in what they say...they don´t need so much words to explain the truth, right?...you can be so proud of your little ones and you, too...;)...a big hug and lots of love...thanks for share your feelings with us...always...take care...cheers...i...

  6. What a clever and special little darling you have.

  7. oh my! *tears*

    we had a similar moment with master 4 explaining to me that "when you are sick mummy, you get angry" and then telling his daddy "i feel really sad daddy" "i feel sad that mummy is sick".... they must know so much more than we ever tell them!!

    good luck with the popup sale :) wish i could be there!

    she is one precious girl that you have there!! such a special little relationship with her mummy and she obviously just wants the best for you, even at her tender age!


  8. DIVINE!! I am so teary after reading that.

    You are love. She is love. Taj is love. YOU'RE FULL OF LOVE!




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