Monday, February 7, 2011

to cleanse again

I like random. Random is good. To write about things that are totally irrelevant to normal life. Or maybe it is not so irrelevant the things I talk about. It is things that are in everyday life that I love to soak up. I love to watch and analyse other people's lives. To wonder what they do. To wonder what makes them truly tick. To know if they are happy. Truly happy. To know what they eat. What do they put on their table each night. I know random. I told you I like random. I guess to know what other people put on the table makes it easier to think about what you might put on your own table. I am sure most of you would admit that you rotate between the same meals each week. It might be seasonable, but it is the same food.

I know for me it is the same each night with little tweaking. I am a sucker for salad in summer, and sometimes I might even add a bit of brown rice to mix it up a little, but the ingredients that go in with the rice is the same as if I was eating rocket. I would love to be that creative person in the kitchen, but I am not. I was brought up by a mother that could throw anything together and make an awesome bubble and squeak. Oh yes my mum was English. Well more Australian as she immigrated here when she was 7. I loved her meals. It was very much your meat and three vege each night, but she did things to these meat and vege that made it such a lovely meal. I am not sure if it was the fact we all sat and ate dinner together, or it was the honey she would put on the carrots, but whatever it was she made awesome things out of ordinary food. {I actually believe it was the fact she created a lovely family conversation over the food we were eating. I don't think it would matter what we ate. Wow I miss her}.

I cook for myself each night. For me it is about yummy food, and a meal that is quick and easy to put together. I work a lot in the evenings and need it to be easy, and a meal that is also easy to eat in front of my computer. Because I get stuck in my ways with food I am doing another cleanse with Nat from the Pagoda Tree. The first cleanse changed my life. It truly did. I was fighting my eating disorder, and it changed the way I looked at food. I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life. I personally believe that eating right, and Nat showing me how you can change the way you look at life in general has contributed to my inner happiness. I have continued to eat like I did in the cleanse with introducing certain foods, like the coffee. I know not a food, but come on, that one is important. I am now drinking soy, and have not gone back to full cream milk. My taste buds have changed. I do not crave chocolate. I know I am crazy being a woman and having no craving for chocolate. I crave raisins and dates....!

For me I have not eaten badly over the christmas holidays, or through summer. I am doing this cleanse to continue my inner well being, to discover new recipes, and to continue to be happy. Nat is amazing. Seriously I cannot believe how lucky I am to have such an awesome friend, and someone that is very good at what she does. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. Check out Nat's new cleanse, and join me this time around, or again for those who did last time. I cannot wait to share some of the awesome food we are eating! And to mix up my weekly recipes.

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  1. Oh you are too lovely for words! I plan on making this the best cleanse ever and making you even more awesome for doing it! Because when you are to know true health and wellness is shines from the inside out - and just when I thought you couldn't be any more beautiful... I might just squeeze a bit more out of you xx



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