Sunday, February 27, 2011

sleep working

There has been a lot of yawning in the little pinwheel home in the past week, and I must say I am hoping for a little less this week. I have personally had intense tiredness, to the point of having nanna naps with my little people as they drift off to sleep in the evening. It is awesome, but then I get second wind and cannot sleep when I go to bed at midnight.

I am not the only person yawning. Keely has been struggling and it is sad to see such a little person so exhausted from all her stimulation at school. She is that tired that the tantrums have been in full swing, and there have been floods of tears. We have both handled it quite well, and worked through it together. But to see my little girl almost sleeping on the couch on saturday was hard. That is harder to handle than a tantrum. I can take a tantrum. I soon had her curled up on my bed for a sleep. My girl has not had a day sleep since she was 2 years old.

School knocks them for six. My parenting has changed. My routines have changed with my little people. It is all very chilled out. No full on stimulation. Lots of beach loving, and curled up time on the couch. The stimulation is coming from the school, and school work we do at home. That is enough for now.

This week will be different. I think I am having coffee tomorrow. Yes, I am unsure if I will or not. I am considering another week on the cleanse. The head feels awesome, and so clear. A week without it has been great. It is however my one vice. My one thing that gets me through as a parent. I love it!

I hope Keely will be able to take more after school and weekend fun this week, but for now we will go with the flow. It is the way we roll, and the flow seems to work for us. The fun is still here, just a little different fun.

coffee coffee coffee! {not sure if the chanting is working, but I will see what monday morning brings; go with the flow}


  1. awww poor Keely !
    and does Nat say that you can have a SOY coffee to start with.... ?!?!
    thats ME tomorrow !! OH YAY !! :)

  2. yes soy coffee! that is all I have not, after the last cleanse. I could not go back to full cream. It just didn't taste right. It was too full on. woo hoo for coffee! x

  3. You'll notice school holidays come JUST IN TIME!! Even with a high schooler (oh, high school has changed my routine so much, i'm tired too as i work to their term schedule). I find my 4 start to konk out in week 8, early to bed, zonked. Their little bodies go so hard at school, i love the weekends & holidays, some are filled with parties & trips, others are peaceful pyjama days without even a single sports match to attend, bliss.
    I'm yawning now, head cold & ready for bed, gym at 6a.m. so nighty night, love Posie

  4. My daughter Skye started school this year too and she is so tired and grumpy. And she has been throwing lots of tantrums.



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