Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tired. Day 2 and the tiredness is intense. Otherwise I feel awesome. No headache. No craving for coffee. Just a craving for my bed and pillow.

It is times like this I wish my little people would bath themselves, and put themselves to bed.

Or bath me and put me to bed!


  1. I agree with the bed & bath comment Hayley! Often in the evenings I wish someone would tuck me into bed when I am going through the bedtime routine with my children :)

  2. Someone to make all my meals aswell as bathe and put me to bed would be great! x

  3. oh my dear...i know what you mean...send you a big hug and good thoughts...take care of yourself and have some little moments to rest...little breaks for your soul...you look tired on this pic...so look to you...its so important...also you have much work and so on...a big hug...;)...i think to you...cheers ...i...

  4. Such a pretty pretty picture x



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