Monday, February 7, 2011

night fever

I am going out on saturday night. I am going to boogie. Dance like it is the 90s, or even a bit of 80s styling. I think I might suck a little on the dance floor, but hey the ugly lights are off and there will be that many waving arms and legs no one will notice me.

I have no idea what I am going to wear. I don't really go out too much. I do the dinner thing, and usually do the nanna styling by crawling into bed before midnight. I might even have to go shopping for something new. A new little number to rock the night away. I don't really drink so it will be all about having a laugh and a great night with awesome friends. But I am not going to drive.

I don't do makeup. I have to admit the only mascara I own is from a freebie off the front of a magazine, which might possibly be about 3 years old. Yes I think I clearly suck at this whole female thing. I may even pop into DJs, (aka department store), in their makeup section and get a free makeover. They might give me sexy eyes. I didn't even know what sexy eyes were until one of my friends rocked the eyes this morning. They were the whole "wow" factor. I am thinking I need a "wow" factor.

Maybe I will just go as little old me, and rock it me style; saturday night fever.


  1. Situation calls for red lipstick. Purchase if required. MAC does a beautiful one. Happy dancing!

  2. Dare ya to wear your saltwaters!

    Have fun- woot woo! x

  3. Rock the dance for Rock the dance floor....
    I say rock the sultry wow factor eyes! You will have a ball.
    Oh & make sure you allow enough time for the good ol pash n dash. Remember what they say - treat em mean, keep em keen.
    Oooohhhh I can feel it in my waters, you're gonna be awesome.

  4. Rock out lady! Yep ditch the mascara and do a lippy - or I am a big fan of gloss. A bit of glam but not over the top! Get a new gloss and hit that dance floor lady like it ain't nobody's business. x

  5. You will be awesome. Have a great time. xx



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