Tuesday, June 28, 2011

running on empty

I am a little impatient at times. Maybe it is not impatience, more that I like to fit a lot into my day, and do not have time to line up for petrol pumps.

I do not like to sit in my car, with the engine running and wait for the diesel pump. I am happy to roll around town on empty.

But when it comes to queuing to be served in a shop, or waiting for a coffee, I am happy to be within the moment, and take the time to people watch.

There is just something about waiting for petrol I do not like. I leave, and return when I am in pole position. I guess it is like refueling myself, I seem to put these things last. I need to prioritise, and refuel before the light comes on and the beeping starts.

Do you put your refueling first, and have a pit stop when required, or do you whiz around town on empty?


  1. I do not do petrol stations. I give the car to the husband to fill up! I too find it annoying, and to take the children out of the car all the time makes it a challenge. J x

  2. ...a very clever and cool post, my dear...i learn the first one...;)...but it takes me some self control to find the right mixture...and i think your children could show you the right direction...our little one did it to me...;)...a big hug...and take care...

    p.s.i love your metaphors...ups...hope i understand you the right way...;)...hugs...



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