Sunday, June 12, 2011

happy baking

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

We are baking, dancing, and cuddling up as we are all sick. There is nothing like baking some muffins, and having the little people decorate them together. Keely had pink icing, and Taj had green. I had no sprinkles left, so we had to roll with the chocolate drops.


Thank you Cathy from M.E for your continued inspiration in more ways than just awesome cakes.


  1. and you roll with absolute style my dear!
    i am about to put a cupcake post on too.

    thank you for the generosity, you are amazing Ms Hayley! I wish I could give you a hug.
    mwaaah ♥

  2. Love the super bright icing! We've been baking so much around here. The kiddies are loving it, but my waist is suffering! Lemon Tart for dessert last night was divine.

  3. sick in these parts too, wish i had thought of baking, yummy!



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